The Coalition's self-defined base of operations encompasses approximately a dozen miles of barrier island stretching from Delray Beach to Manalapan. Approximately 7500 people live in this extended neighborhood. Seven jurisdictions (townships) have authority to provide basic services such as public safety, water, law enforcement, waste removal and environmental protection, recreation, beach renourishment, building and zoning codes, and optimal use of our only north/south thoroughfare, State Road A1A. What one community does in its own jurisdiction can affect its neighbors to the north and south.

Historically, each of the seven jurisdictions has evolved its own personality, a fact that makes "our" stretch of A1A unique versus similar-sized, and primarily residential communities on the barrier island, such as the Town of Palm Beach. The concept of the A1A Future Plan was initiated by the Coalition in 2011 to forecast future conditions on the barrier island, and to establish priorities for cooperative efforts that preserve or improve the quality of life for all residents and visitors.

The Coalition has assembled a group of local civic leaders from all seven jurisdictions has been assembled to establish goals and set priorities. Among the first issues being addressed are efficiency and effectiveness of police, fire and EMS service delivery; availability and cost of potable and irrigation water; undergrounding utilities; residential building density and intensity; and as noted, issues related to transient housing.

The basic premise of the A1A Future Plan is that "our" barrier island is fully developed in terms of population density and commercial activity. The issue is how to provide quality infrastructure and services to seven jurisdictions who share an environmentally sensitive and extremely valuable strip of land. The future planning will include public charrettes so everyone has the opportunity to provide valuable input. Stay tuned!